“Robyn L. Moyer, D.D.S., is the best medical professional I have had the pleasure of working with. And I have tough standards. I have been a patient of Dr. Moyer for many years. Dr. Moyer, her staff, and her hygienists have provided the thoughtful education and thorough dental care that have greatly contributed to my overall health and well-being. I needed a lot of restoration work over the last six-plus years and I am extremely happy with the beautiful results and the counseling on what my priorities should be. She has my highest recommendation. Dentists with this extraordinary competence and personable demeanor are a rare find. Robyn and her staff are great with both young and old! I’ve recommended her to many people.”


“I am so pleased to have found Dr. Moyer. Her confident and gentle touch always puts me at ease. Her office is spotless and happy, and the staff is competent, warm, and caring. Though going to the dentist is not my favorite thing, it’s so much easier now that I’ve found Dr. Moyer. Now I just relax and know I’m in good hands.”


“I prayed to find a dentist who took pride in their work—a ‘perfectionist’ in the best way. Dr. Robyn Moyer not only does excellent work she also has great sensitivity to her patients needs. I am grateful that my prayer was answered!”


“Dr. Moyer has a unique ability to put her patients at ease. Her approach emphasizes communicating everything the patient needs to know, and she delivers it with enthusiasm for her work that encourages confidence. Her staff is warm and welcoming. I’ve been a patient for more than 15 years.”


“We love Dr. Robyn and all the staff! They are friendly and supportive to all our family’s dental health needs. We recommend Dr. Robyn to everyone we know!

Kathi, Kim, Ryan & Tori

“Robyn is simply the best! I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. She is a clinician, a technician and an artist. She cares deeply about her work and the people who sit in her chair. She takes her time, she educates you, she makes you comfortable and then she gets to work and doesn’t stop until everything is just perfect. She is competent and caring...the two very important ‘c’ words in any line of work.”

“Peggy, the dental hygienist is a delight...I love going to visit her. She loves her work, takes it very seriously, and is very good at it.”

“Robyn’s assistant Nancy, and Jennifer the office manager are both dolls and always welcome me and my service dog Emily with open arms—Folks, this is as good as it gets. This is the happiest, most cohesive team I have ever had the pleasure to run across...and if it wasn’t for the needles and the drills, I would visit more often!”


“Robyn, I came to you 2 1/2 years ago. I wouldn’t smile. Now 2 1/2 years later, I smile and see myself in a different way. You gave me my self-esteem back. Thanks to you and your team.”


“Hello from Southern California. I am enjoying living down here for the past 1 1/2 years...the worst part being that I was forced to find a new dentist!”

“I wanted you to know that whenever I go to the dentist, they remark about the work that has been done in my mouth, and call other staff employees to ‘come and look’ in my mouth. Every time I go, they tell me how clean my teeth are, what a great job I do in cleaning them, and that someone really cared about my mouth...all of the work that is done is excellent!”

“Robyn, I have you and your staff to thank for this. I have been your patient for approximately 17 years, and at the time I first came to you, my mouth was a mess. I had gingivitis, bleeding gums, and my teeth were not clean even though I was at the dentist every 3 months for cleaning. They just weren’t cleaned properly.”

“You told me at the time I had a lot of bone loss, and you were going to try to save my teeth for 10 years. Well, through all the work you did on my teeth, and the education I received from you and your hygenists over the years about me cleaning my teeth properly on a daily basis, I am happy to say it is now about 18 years later and I still have all of my teeth.”

“Thank you for caring about me and my teeth over the years...I am most grateful."


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